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New York City Theatre

The Door                                                Melody                Nylon Fusion Theatre Co, Dir. Vincent Marano

And I Saw Her                                       Ana                      Dixon Place, Dir Shira-Lee Shalit

Migration Nation                                  Maria                   Leviathan Lab, Dir. Kira Onodera

Balm in Gilead                                       Judy                     LAByrinth Theater, NYNY Reading Series

Queen Latina                                        Evil of Society    Cherry Lane Theater, Dir. Jill de Armon

Orphans                                                 Lu                         13th Street Reperatory, Dir. Mark Bloom

Cross Dressing in the Civil War         Loreta                  Metropolitan Playhouse, Dir. Andrea Pinyan

A Midsummer Nights Dream            Hermia                 Extant Arts in Central Park, Dir. Greg Taubman

Taming of the Shrew                            Bianca                  Timespace Theater | Central Park, Dir. Jeremy Halpern

Macbeth                                                Weird Sister 3     Extant Arts in Central Park, Dir. Bridget Durkin

In Da Boogie Down                             Juliana Garcia      LAByrinth Reading Series, Dir. Craig muMs Grant

Through the Yellow Hour                   Claire                     LAByrinth Reading Series, Dir. Shira-Lee Shalit

Artist Salon: David Bar Katz              Narration              LAByrinth Theater Co. Dir. Mimi O’Donnell

Regional & International Theater




The Child God



Sideways Stories of Wayside School

A Long Bridge Over Deep Waters

Susana San Juan

Blacky’s Trunk | Kalu Ka Baksaa

The Jack Tales

An Balangaw

Majestic Theatre (Boston), Dir. Robert Colby

Semel Theatre (Boston), Dir. Brent Jennings

Cabaret Theatre (Boston), Dir. Edwin Corbin

Boston SE Asia Theatre Co, Dir. Sunil Swaroop

Blue Ridge Theatre (VA), Dir. Rex Stephenson

Aldaba Recital Hall (Philippines) Dir. Joycie Dorado

Name: Maria Paz Alegre


Location: New York City

Height: 5'5"

Body Type: Slim

Hair: Black & Purple

Eyes: Dark Brown

Special Skills:

Accent: RP British

Accent: Cockney

Accent: Irish

Film | Television | Voice Over | Modelling | Multimedia

Accent: Scottish

RE: (streaming on YouTube)

Modcat (commercial)

Thug (short film)
Comcast (commercial VO)
Under One Roof (commercial)
Olive (short film)
Novell Software (commercial)
Charm NYC (retail & multimedia)

Z Productions (commercial)
New York Fashion Week 

Co-Host | Founder


The Woman 
College Student
Young Wife 
Resident Model

Two POC recommend Theatre in NYC | | Director Gregory Kennedy

Mindgame Films/PBS Indie Film Shorts
Comcast Cable
Shanghai World Expo
Alfonso Johnson Films
Red Tree Productions

Photographer David Zayas Jr.
Gilding Primal Instinct Jewelry

Accent: Filipino

American: Midwest | Southern

Boston | New York | California

Language: Spanish

Language: French

Education | Training

LAByrinth Theater Co – Intensive Ensemble Member 2012 
Ensemble Performance with Robbie McCauley
Monologues with Stephen McKinley Henderson
Theatre of the Oppressed with Russell G. Jones
Cold Readings with Maggie Flannigan
Stage Combat with David Anzuelo

Playwriting with Stephen Adly Guirgis

Play Structuring with Scott Hudson
Linklater and Movement with Sarah Hickler
Advanced Playwriting with Padraic Lillis
Scene Study with Pan Asian Reperatory
Advanced Scene Study with Shira-Lee Shalit

Related Work | Playwriting

Language: American Sign Language

Dance: Classic | Contemporary

Stage Combat

Ukelele and Singing


Technical Research Assistant for Eric Bogosian

Children's Librarian for Peace School in Ferguson, MO

School Library Journal

Theater Is Easy

How to Survive a Flood

Random Moments of Beauty

A Midsummer Night's Swing


Assisted Eric Bogosian for his novel Operation Nemesis

Youth diversity collection after state of emergency

Published Children and Young Adult Book Critic

Published Theater Critic

Full Length Play, reading produced by The Farm Theater

Short Play, produced by Vertigo Theater Company

Short Play, produced by The Shelter

Short Film, produced by Devon Carraway


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